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By 2006, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was on a date with the emergence of the sun of Pianola .. the pioneer in providing different flavors of coffee

A flavor that adds

Be the master of your mood, do not let anyone take away your passion for something, accompany the one you love even if it is a book or a cup of coffee.

About Us
our start with coffee

Pianola .. a history that goes beyond the idea that you come to a place to drink coffee, the places are certainly many, but it is a different breath, and a different flavor, made by skilled hands, each hand has its own coffee. In 2006, it took the first step and opened its first branch in the Eastern Province, to continue its authentic presence, with the authenticity of the luxury coffee, and then open the rest of its branches in Dammam and Khobar and open the doors of 15 branches to those wishing to pamper themselves and satisfy their mood, and give them a new fresh taste where coffee beans are used Within 30 days of harvesting

From fruit
to cup

Because coffee is the sound of the taste, and the sound of the aroma, Pianola takes care of the quality of the coffee, where the fresh coffee is selected and the coffee grinder is adjusted to extract the coffee well and then adjust the water temperature so that it gives good coffee, presents its products with complete professionalism from the first step in preparation to the hand of the connoisseur, it is interested in freshness And repetition of the experience, and adding a difference to the customer’s day, rich in its choices and products, its drinks list is rich in varieties, distinguished in serving its customers by its organized and interactive staff.

Our Values with coffee
Toward a Better Experience

Pianolla shares their freedom with individuals and gives their diary wonderful meanings, and to add joy to everyone who wants to drink coffee.

The origins of coffee

Pianolla takes into account quality standards and has special blends in more than one way for coffee and the rest of the drinks.

Varieties worth trying

The places are many, the lists are endless, but Pianolla is your stable and your comfort

Quality is a Pianolla Basics
Take it Home, Great Company

We bring coffee from the best farms and get it fresh within 30 days of harvesting to prepare it with a delicious taste and charming aroma

  • Wide Aasortment
  • High Quality
  • Awesome Aroma
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